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Transcription and translation for the automotive industry: quality and responsiveness

Do you work for an car manufacturer or subcontractor? Do you use both technical terms and marketing vocabulary on a regular basis? Do you talk to many people who speak a different language from yours? To ensure a dialogue that is as fluid as possible but that still gets your message across we’ll support you on daily basis, helping you to overcome your linguistic challenges by:

Solutions for the automotive industry 

As a sales manager, content manager or member of the technical department, you often need to communicate with people who speak another language. We’ve been working with automotive industry stakeholders for many years and have expert knowledge of industry conventions. Make us your trusted partner for quality multilingual communication!

Standard translation


Writing minutes and summaries of meetings

Translating your content

Your documents may contain technical or marketing content, they might be in Word, PowerPoint or Excel, you might need them on the same day, or less urgently. Whatever the combination of circumstances, our translators – native speakers in the target language – will translate them with the same high level of quality so that they are perfectly understood by all your readers. 

Which types of automotive industry documents do we translate?

We accept all types of documents for the automotive sector:

  • Dealer communications, letters to consumers, newsletters
  • Technical specifications, product recalls, circulars
  • Training materials, sales presentations

Ensuring your conversations flow

Our interpreters provide verbal translations at your technical meetings or commercial press conferences. We can guide you in choosing between simultaneous, consecutive or chuchotage interpreting to overcome the language barrier so that you can focus exclusively on what is actually being said.

Which type of automotive industry meetings or events do our interpreters attend?

  • Press conferences, seminars
  • Work meetings, brainstorming sessions
  • Training sessions for technical teams and sales teams

Keeping a written record of your meetings

Whatever the subject of your meeting, remember to have minutes taken or a summary written: it’s the safest way to keep a record of the discussions that you can then refer to at a later date. Minutes or a summary can be delivered in the language of your choice, or in several languages!

What type of automotive sector meetings do our writers attend?

Our writers can produce minutes or write a summary of all your meetings! Technical meeting, sales meeting, communication/marketing meeting – the document you receive will give a perfectly accurate account of the content of your exchanges.

Satisfied clients who don’t hesitate to tell us so

With many years’ experience working with the biggest names in the industry, we can adapt to your requests and offer you a personalised service.

Uncompromising standards for processes and methodology

Media in the automotive sector is very specific – this is true for technical, marketing or press content. With many years’ experience working with the biggest names in the industry, we can adapt to your requests and offer you a personalised service.

When people are part of the service

We are language service professionals. This is why you can be sure you will receive quality work. And because we provide a 360-degree service, we make it our business to listen to you, advise you and point you in the right direction where necessary. Working with a partner (and not just a subcontractor) is a matter of trust, and we value the trust our clients place in us.

Deadlines to suit you

When you entrust us with your project, you tell us how soon you need it back. This is the best way for us to take your needs into account. So feel free to explain your time constraints to us, we will be responsive and offer you optimal project management.


Highly secure technological tools

Because technology and data security go hand in hand, the technical infrastructure of our computer-assisted transcription and translation tools is built to exacting standards. Our servers are based in France, and we apply the GDPR, which guarantees the protection of your data.


Ubiqus is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is one of the top five largest European language service providers (2019 Common Sense Advisory report).
Ubiqus UK is Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

Shall we talk about your project?

Satisfied clients who don’t hesitate to tell us so
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