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Professional interpretation for all your events

Are you organising a conference or symposium and hosting visitors from overseas? Is your next work meeting with your Chinese clients due to be held in your UK offices? Do you need to be accompanied by an English interpreter in your international trade negotiations? Ubiqus supports you in all your activities that require interpreting services.


  • A network of nearly 300 professional interpreters
  • Conference interpreters working into their mother tongue
  • More than 450 assignments per year
  • Equipment hire (booths and lightweight equipment)
  • On-site technical support for your interpreting assignments in London
  • Simultaneous translation of the same speech into 15 languages
  • 9 interpreting services offices across Europe and America

Choosing Ubiqus guarantees you professional interpretation tailored to your event

Remote interpretation

Remote interpreting is used for all situations that are not covered by standard interpreting services, i.e. all those where participants and interpreters are not in the same physical place. Videoconference interpretation and telephone interpretation fall into this category.

Simultaneous interpretation

This technique consists of translating a speaker’s words into another language in real time, with just a few seconds’ delay. It is used particularly for interpreting at international conferences and requires a booth to accommodate teams of interpreters.

Interpretation Equipment

From large meetings to small, from in-person to remote, we provide a wide range of  equipment and set-up options to ensure your event goes smoothly.

Dry Hire

In certain situations you may need additional equipment to supplement your own stock.  If you have trained technicians who can work with our equipment, we can organise pick up at our central London location or delivery direct to your event.

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter does not translate what the speaker is saying straight away, but afterwards – they take notes during the speech, and translate it at the end. This technique is particularly suitable for meetings.

Whispering interpretation

A pair of professional interpreters translate the words of the speakers either immediately after they have spoken, or at regular intervals. The advantage of this technique? It is “dynamic”, particularly suited to site visits and other occasions where the speakers need to move around.

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Interpreting services for conferences, work meetings, visits: let our teams advise you

Each sector of activity has a specific vocabulary, which not everyone is necessarily familiar with. In order to grasp all the subtleties found in technical presentations, interpreters research and prepare their assignments, acquiring in-depth knowledge in the subject field at the same time. We place interpreters on the basis of their knowledge of the topic concerned. If necessary, and to give them the best possible support, we recommend that you provide preparatory documents on the subject of the meeting. In this way, they can add your specific vocabulary to their lexical field.


  • Congresses, symposia
  • Site visits (factories, workshops, etc.)
  • International conventions
  • Conferences, seminars
  • Work meetings
  • Trade negotiations (two or more people)

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How do I choose the most appropriate type of interpretation?

  • Duration of the event
  • Organisation of the event (workshops, plenary sessions)
  • Venue surface area
  • Number of participants
  • Number of languages involved
  • Budget

A network of interpreters specialised by industry:

  • Banks and insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Aeronautics and defence
  • Public sector and administration
  • B2C sales
  • Luxury

Ubiqus will make your event a success

Your events interpreted in complete confidentiality

All our translators are bound by the obligation of professional secrecy – the data in your file remains 100% confidential, from our very first meeting with you! For us, trust is paramount, which is why media and information are handled with absolute discretion.

Professional interpreting equipment: ensuring a successful event

Since a quality interpretation service is inseparable from quality equipment, our teams can offer you the booths, headsets and microphones you’ll need on a rental basis. From interpreting booths to guided tours, we can give you advice on the most suitable equipment.

Language combinations to meet all your needs

Ubiqus interpreters guarantee the smooth running of your event. They are selected according to the language to be translated, but also according to the subject matter.

We interpret from and into the following languages:


Ubiqus is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is one of the top five largest European language service providers (2019 Common Sense Advisory report).
Ubiqus UK is Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

The sectors we work in

We have supported clients working in specific fields for many years.

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Satisfied clients who don’t hesitate to tell us so
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