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Verbatim transcription

In certain situations, it’s imperative that every spoken word is captured.  Though these transcripts often end up being quite long, they are full and accurate records of legal proceedings and the like.  Verbatim documents can also be used for captioning purposes for videos.  Legal verbatim is ‘verbatim as uttered’ and can be used in court settings. 

Verbatim documents:

  • include false starts
  • grammar will not be corrected
  • include non-verbal actions

What is verbatim transcription ?

Definition of verbatim transcription

22-23 pages per meeting hour

Verbatim transcripts are ideal for:

  • interviews
  • meetings in legal settings
  • captioning purposes

The Verbatim transcript captures everything that is said in the way it is said.  You will receive the most comprehensive account of your meeting. 

Verbatim transcription example

168 words

Hi there, everyone.  Welcome back from lunch.  Hope you enjoyed those excellent sandwiches that were laid on.  I’ll take the next question – that is, taking up a question that someone asked earlier.  On the capex programme, someone asked about the capex programme – we just re-prioritised it and took £300 million, I think that was the figure, yes, £300 million out of £2.2 billion.  We’ve taken some action in respect to 2005, as my statement and the directors’ report make quite clear.  Well, we’ve brought the expenditure back. We’ve brought the expenditure back from the year 2006 onwards to a more normal level of about £400 million. It’s prudent – that is just being prudent and sensible.  If we see that conditions next year – and we believe that they should be better next year – we believe that because indicators are good – then there are a whole lot of places where we could just go ahead and walk on site tomorrow, because the properties we want to develop, we already own them.

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Find out more about our Report Writing and Summaries

Verbatim transcripts are often very limited in use due to their size and poor readability.  Ubiqus has developed five levels of coverage that are often chosen as alternatives to verbatim.  Learn more about our report writing and summaries.


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