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Web localization services professional translation for your foreign language website

You have designed your website to meet the requirements of the web (content, user experience, SEO), and now you want to make it accessible in the countries you are targeting. To ensure the visibility of your site and its impact on markets, localization is key.

Web localization is the process of adapting a site to the regional and cultural aspects of a given country; this means it is not simply a question of a language translation service but of adjusting content to the habits of local internet users.


  • Extracting and integrating content using our connectors
  • Adapting your site to the regional features of the countries targeted
  • Digital project management until the multilingual version is online

Why choose web localization services from Ubiqus?

A specialized team to support your digital team

Broadly speaking, localization is adaptation to another language and another country. It looks at culture and customs, and takes into account the whole spectrum of a language’s particularities: reading directions, cultural habits, figure formats, etc. Our web localization services team will bring this expertise to your project to ensure the quality and relevance of your international presence.

A complementary approach incorporating culture, language and SEO

Our technical experts guarantee personalized advice and follow-up for your web localization project. Your sites and applications are optimized to your target countries both linguistically and for search engine purposes. Much more than a quality language translation service, Ubiqus’s expertise encompasses your entire internationalization project.

A winning combination: technical mastery of your CMS and the efficiency of our connectors

Our web experts have perfect knowledge of the tools available for integrating your translations and managing the multilingual content on your site, regardless of your CMS.

For example, we automate the translation process in WordPress using plugins from WordPress, including WPML.

Do you work with Hubspot? Our specially developed connector makes it easy to export and import your translations absolutely securely. Click here to learn more.

  • Time saving
  • Simple to use
  • Workflow monitoring

Satisfied clients who don’t hesitate to tell us so

Localize the multilingual content of all your media

Websites have become the primary communication medium for companies. They are now the main point of access used by customers interested in a product or service. Because we are fully aware that translating your site or application into several languages is not just about inserting translated text, we look at all the facets of a multilingual site, both technical and linguistic. We optimize what is visible to the internet user – text and multimedia content – and also what is not, for example plug-ins, tags, etc. thereby giving your users the best possible experience regardless of the material that requires localizing.

  • Showcase sites
  • e-Commerce websites
  • Mobile apps

Our team handles all translation formats for the web: html, xml, xliff, csv, json, etc.

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Translating your website our professional language translation services are the key to your project’s success

Language experts trained in web best practices

Our linguistic experts work closely with our technical managers to produce a site translation that meets web standards. Our team is ready to help you, providing you with quality content, localized for your internet users and optimized for the web, whichever CMS (content management system) you use.

Search engine optimized (SEO) translation: getting your site noticed

Our SEO team takes care of the international adaptation of your natural indexing strategy. Indexing rules are not universal, which is why our experts offer you a semantic audit in the target language for the target market and translations optimized for indexing.

Project management: a single point of contact providing solid advice

Each of the projects we take on is managed by a single contact person, who will ensure the smooth running of our partnership with you by advising you on the content to be translated, kept and adapted. In this way, your project manager can be immersed in your world and its unique characteristics, while keeping your site localization objectives in mind.

Translating your web content efficiently with connectors

When there is a large volume to translate and/or regular content updates in several languages, connectors and APIs save a lot of time. Their advantage is that they interface with your content management system to simplify and streamline the costs involved in translating your website. By automating the extraction and integration process, we can offer you consistent and expertly managed communication in all languages.


Ubiqus USA holds ISO 9001:2015 certification and Ubiqus Canada's current certification is based on CAN/CGSB-131.10-2017, Translation Services. The Ubiqus Group is the 21st largest language service provider worldwide (2019 CSA Research index).

The sectors we work in

We have supported clients working in specific fields for many years.

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Satisfied clients who don’t hesitate to tell us so

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