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Terrible news: Laurent Decaudaveine has passed away

It is with great sadness and emotion that the Ubiqus Group wishes to inform our community of the passing of Laurent Decaudaveine, CEO of Ubiqus UK. Laurent passed away on Thursday 25th of June 2020.

It was an unexpected shock for all of us at Ubiqus to learn that Laurent had suffered a heart attack while on one of his lunchtime runs on Tuesday the 16th of June. After several days in hospital, his condition deteriorated and he passed away peacefully on the night of June 24-25.

Laurent started at the company as a sales representative in Ubiqus France in 1997 and soon after, moved to the United Kingdom where he founded Ubiqus UK. Since then, he had been passionate about growing the company and always wanted to give a chance to individuals in the team, many of whom will feel great gratitude to Laurent for large parts of their careers.

Laurent had a unique style, was a larger‑than‑life character and leaves a huge void behind.

He also leaves behind a wife, Jacqui and three young adult children who made Laurent very proud. We are thinking of them a lot.

The funeral service will be held in France on July 8.

To honour the memory of a respected boss, valued colleague and dear friend, we have launched a donation campaign for his family. Those who knew Laurent and want to support his grieving family can make a small donation via the GoFundMe platform:


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