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Which type of interpreting suits which situation?

Interpreting is the oral translation of a person’s words. There are multiple types of interpreting depending on your requirements.

Simultaneous Interpreting

A type of interpreting carried out in real time while the person is speaking. Allows for an almost instantaneous comprehension of the words without a time delay. Used primarily for conferences, congresses and general meetings involving multiple languages. Requires switching from one interpreter to another about every 30 minutes, as well as special equipment (booths, microphones, headphones, etc.).

Consecutive Interpreting

A type of interpreting carried out after the speaker’s words. Requires rapid note-taking and written summarising during the speech so that the information can subsequently be conveyed properly. The speaker must pause regularly while talking to leave time for the interpreting. Used primarily for meetings, negotiations and short speeches for ceremonies or cultural events. No special equipment is required.

Chuchotage (Whispering Interpretation)

Simultaneous interpreting during which the interpreter orally translates by whispering into the ear of one or two people . Perfect for bilateral meetings and visits with VIPs. May require a special infoport system known as “bidule” (microphone/headphones) in some situations.

Liaison Interpreting 

More informal interpreting during which speakers stop after one or two sentences to allow for quick interpretation of their words. Used for visits, negotiations and small committee meetings. No note-taking or special equipment is required.

Focus on sign Language Interpreting

A specific type of interpreting from oral language to sign language and vice versa which may be carried out either as liaison or as simultaneous interpreting. Intended for people with hearing difficulties, during public events, speeches and even personal appointments (medical, administrative, etc.). Does not require special equipment, but the interpreter must be clearly visible to the targeted audience.

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