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Whispering  interpretation

Whispering interpretation, how does it work ?

Whispering interpretation is used when the meeting is taking place in one language (English, for example) and one or two delegates speak a different language.

The interpreter sits beside the delegate – or in the case of site visits, walks with the delegate – and whispers the interpretation to him or her during the meeting. It’s a less formal type of language interpretation.

What are the benefits of whispering interpretation?

Whispering interpreting requires no special equipment, no booths or headphones or microphones. It is convenient and informal. It’s best in settings where only two languages are required (usually English and one other language). It is most helpful when a small number of foreign language speakers need interpretation– not more than one or two.

Whispering interpretation can be used for:
Business Negotiations
Site visits to workshops and factories
One-to-one or small group meetings

Satisfied clients who don’t hesitate to tell us so

Why choose to work with Ubiqus?

Why work with Ubiqus? To ensure quality, without constraint! With more than 30 years of experience, Ubiqus now has a network of experienced interpreters around the world,  so we are able to pair your project with professionals who interpret in 130+ languages, from the most common to the rarest. Are you hosting visitors from France? Are your Korean employees coming to tour your factory? We’ve got you what you need! Our project managers will mobilise their network to find the right interpreter for your event.

At Ubiqus, we carefully review all the requests we receive, from the simplest to the most complex, and we systematically provide you with the best solution for your needs. If your project is too constrained, we make sure to provide you with a solution in line with your expectations.

Language combinations to meet all your needs

Ubiqus interpreters guarantee the smooth running of your event. They are selected according to the language to be translated, but also according to the subject matter.

We interpret from and into the following languages:


Ubiqus is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is one of the top five largest European language service providers (2019 Common Sense Advisory report).
Ubiqus UK is Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

The sectors we work in

We have supported clients working in specific fields for many years.

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Satisfied clients who don’t hesitate to tell us so
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