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A specialised translation project manager: your ally on the international stage

Are you looking for a specialised translation project manager to run your internationalisation project?

The Ubiqus Group is fully committed to producing high-quality content to deadline. Crucially, this requires coordination, which we provide in the international translation project management we offer for every translation request. As part of our efficiency- and quality-driven approach, our translation project managers – specialists in their sector – are your single points of contact. They become familiar with your brand, contributing to the consistency and editorial quality of your content.


This specialised, bespoke management of your translation projects gives you 3 essential advantages:

  • Efficiency
  • On-time delivery
  • Quality


How does a translation project manager contribute to the success of your multilingual projects?

A dedicated contact for your multilingual projects

For all your translation requests, whether urgent, large or complex, a dedicated project manager selects the translators, sends instructions and ensures the project runs smoothly. They are your single point of contact and are responsible for checking that the particular characteristics of your brand are properly applied to your translation project to guarantee optimal quality and on-time delivery.

Managing all types of multilingual media

For the Ubiqus Group, competence in the use of CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) software is an absolute must when it comes to supporting our customers. Your media is varied – videos, catalogues, websites, etc. – and each is designed using specific technologies, for example, After Effects, InDesign or WordPress. We are skilled users of these technologies, working with them on a daily basis to offer you a service that is perfectly suited to your choice of media.

Coordinating subsidiary validation

Our project managers, native speakers of the relevant language, contact subsidiary representatives directly to validate the translated texts and to ensure that any changes requested are in line with the source text. The coordination of the various people involved in the project aims to save you time and obtain systematic validation of your content.

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How is a translation project managed?

As with any long-term project, it is down to the project manager to organise the various steps and draw up a precise schedule. At Ubiqus, their role does not stop here. The project manager has a global view of the project, from initial quote to final delivery, with all the technical content management involved between the two.


  1. Understanding the need: who is the content intended for? What are the source and target languages?
  2. Analysis of the translation project (deadlines, file formats, volume).
  3. Formation of the team (translators, in-house linguists, technical experts).
  4. Preparation of files for optimisation and provision of glossaries, translation memories and detailed briefs.
  5. Coordination of the translation and proofreading phases.
  6. Quality check and final delivery.

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Translation memories

A translation memory is similar to a terminology database. It is a bilingual file generated by CAT software that contains the corpus of translations carried out for any given customer. The project manager attaches the relevant customer-specific memories to each project to ensure the desired terminology is respected. Memories are often supplemented by a glossary. This results in consistent translations that meet the expectations and needs of the end customer.

Managing urgent translation projects

A translation is considered “urgent” when the delivery deadline is under 24 hours, or when more than 2,500 words have to be translated per day (e.g. a document of 10,000 words to be delivered in under 48 hours).

  • Urgent translation project management requires having a competent team of translators in place.
  • On average, depending on the language, subject area and type of document, a translator can translate between 1,000 and 2,000 words per day. If necessary, the translation project manager can divide up the original document(s) and distribute the work to the various native-speaker translators in the team.

Project tracking platform

To help you with the challenges raised by international coordination, our workflow monitoring tool allows you to track the progress of your projects by language and file, including subsidiary validations, in real time. We always give you an overview of your projects and centralise all the information relating to them. By facilitating communication in this way, we enable all participants to track the status of each task and ensure deadlines are met.


Ubiqus is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is one of the top five largest European language service providers (2019 Common Sense Advisory report).
Ubiqus UK is Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

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