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Translation API and Connectors: automating your translations and transcripts

REST APIs enable information systems to exchange data in a standardised, automated and encrypted manner. Ubiqus now offers two REST APIs (one of which is a machine translation API) available to our customers. Better still, we can integrate our features into market-leading software so that our customers can take advantage not only of our real-time automatic translation but also our automatic transcription (speech to text) capabilities.

Find out how to integrate Ubiqus solutions into your digital transformation:

  • Automatic website translation, on the fly
  • High-volume data sharing, safely and automatically
  • Effortless reintegration of translated content
  • Automatic video transcription

Ubiqus has developed two REST APIs for different uses

The two REST APIs developed by Ubiqus are the following:

Ubiqus automatic translation (NMT API)

Our automatic translation API (NMT API) translates word segments on the fly and in real time.

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Ubiqus Order Management API

Our order management API can be used either to process entire files (as opposed to segments) in automatic translation or automatic transcription mode, or to deliver a service via one of our professionals..

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When do you interface with Ubiqus’ machine translation API?

With this API, our neural translation engines are now available to clients, who can use them to translate short segments in real time. This makes it the perfect choice for:

  • E-commerce sites wishing to automatically translate their product fact sheets
  • Chat-bot developers interested in branching out into new markets

When do you interface with Ubiqus’ Order Management API?

This API can be used to place orders for translations as well as transcriptions (speech to text). What’s more, for each service, it offers users the choice between a machine-run service, or one carried out by a qualified professional.

  • Interfacing with Ubiqus if your CMS does not display an API or if your site has been augmented with multiple specific upgrades
  • Translating web pages in high volumes and on a regular basis
  • Requesting transcriptions of your audio or video recordings
  • Making one of the leading players on the market and in neural translation part of your application


For more information about our translation interfaces, contact us 

Incorporating a web page translation service
into your multilingual CMS

How can you automate interactions on web pages you wish to have translated?

Some content management systems (commonly referred to as CMS) offer to manage all your site’s language versions, as the default option. This is a good thing!

In this case, Ubiqus will come and interface with the CMS. We have recently completed connections with Hubspot, WPML and AEM. We took advantage of the API (programming interface) or development kit (SDK) provided by the software publishers to make our website translation service available to our clients.

Plug your CMS’ back-office into Ubiqus translation

This means that, if your site uses Hubspot, for instance, all you need is for an experienced user to retrieve the unique identification API key to your site (available in the back office) and address it to us. We will then define a collaborative process to identify the URLs that need to be translated and tell you how to prepare the target pages so that the translated content can be easily incorporated.

The benefits of direct login to the CMS

Using the connector developed by Ubiqus (with Hubspot, for instance), a webmaster can:

  • Automate data exchanges => content selection is facilitated
  • Secure exchanges => all API logins are encrypted
  • Effortlessly reintegrate translated content
The CMSs logged into our translation API are:

Ubiqus translation available in business software such as Relativity

Can business software be interfaced with a translation API?

Many specialised software programs enable professionals to carry out business tasks necessary for their business. A good example is the legal activity of e-discovery within some law firms. The use of specialised software, such as Relativity, makes it possible to process a very large number of documents in a controlled and secure environment. It allows for a rigorous analysis of data so that only the information that needs to be presented in the court is presented.

Plug Ubiqus translation into Relativity’s back office

To add foreign language documents to a Relativity workflow, the easiest way is to automatically translate them into the language of analysis (often English).

  • Activate the Ubiqus plugin (compatible 9.7 and RelativityOne) in your Relativity software;
  • Select and order the type of translation

Ubiqus offers a 3-in-1 service: machine translation as well as two levels of professional human translation.

The benefits of a direct connection to Relativity

With the Ubiqus plugin available in Relativity, you can:

  • Start all translation tasks without leaving your secure environment
  • Use our state-of- the-art neural machine translation, including our multilingual engine for source texts in multiple languages
  • Perform automatic transcription of audio files and videos

To learn more about our translation plugin in Relativity, contact us or see our presentation on the publisher’s App Hub.

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